Hello, World!

It’s been almost exactly three months since my last post, and I’ve been busy turning my life upside down. I’m mostly out the other side of that rather messy process and here to tell about it.

I spent much of last fall writing fiction and writing in my journal and working through a massive transition in my life that required re-examination of roughly everything. The outcome of that process was the realization that I wanted to spend my life being creative. Specifically, I wanted to write. Words are my medium of choice.

But with that realization came internal conflict and discontent. My novel fizzled as I realized my goal in writing it was to become a novelist. Around this same time, the stress at my day job took a turn up the hockey stick. And a tsunami of anxiety crushed me. This was January. (Aside: I first learned of and started following the coronavirus situation in January, which didn’t help my anxiety situation. More on that later.)

The Engineer and I took another “Think Week” in Bend at the beginning of February, the primary goal of which was to figure out what the next phase of life would hold for us. While there, I picked up a book called “Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software” and blew through it in two days.

I don’t mean to be dramatic,* but this was a revelation for me. I can use words to tell computers what to do. I can use LOGIC and words to tell computers what to do. I know how to logic! The law school admission test is like, 75% logic. It’s one of the reasons lawyers are so popular at cocktail parties and in society generally. Also, do I have words!

Skipping the less interesting and flail-y parts of my decision-making process, I found out this week that I was admitted to Oregon State University’s post-baccalaureate computer science degree program. Fortunately, I nailed the timing of something for once and I’ll be spending the next year or so with my nose in a book. (Figuratively speaking. More like staring at a screen most of the time probably. But I do also plan to read a lot of books.)

I could not be more excited for this new adventure, even during this crazy and uncertain time. I still plan to write fiction, but I’m thankful to take the pressure off of it. So this blog will pivot a bit. I’ll still write about writing (I have a new book idea percolating), I’ll write about my second major career change, and my experience social-distancing in Seattle during the apocalypse.** Doesn’t that sound fun?


**I don’t actually think this is the apocalypse. I feel generally quite optimistic, in fact, that this is the reset and wake-up call humanity needs. But it’s going to be scary and painful at times, and we’re really going to need to take care of each other.