A story about a boy and a girl

In a galaxy far, far away and in a time long, long ago, a girl met a very cute boy during the final days of her senior year of high school. This girl and that boy went on their first date to the Keg and decided they should put an “and” between their names. For the next two decades, they knew life only with that “and.”

The boy and the girl spent those years loving each other the best they knew how, which was pretty good most of the time. In the middle the “and” moved between “Mr. and Mrs.” Over their years together they accomplished great things. They were partners and confidants and best friends. They learned new things together, bought and then remodeled houses after they swore they wouldn’t do that again. They survived financial crisis and law school, which are more similar than different. They loved together and lost together a sweet little brown dog. They rode bikes and went on adventures. She taught him to ride a horse and he showed her how to begin living without fear, mostly by teaching her to dangle from ropes in high places. She hasn’t yet mastered this skill physically or metaphorically.

They moved to a mountain together, on top of the world. And from the top of that mountain they realized the ways they saw things were very different, even though they were standing in the same place. Neither was right, and neither was wrong, but the fact was unavoidable that the time had come for their “and” to end.

As they had done nearly every other adult thing, they said goodbye to the mountain top together. They packed the last of the things into trucks headed to different destinations. They said goodbye to the endless views and the smell of pine trees and all of the rather annoying woodland creatures. They did a high five because neither of them got eaten by a cougar. They said “see ya later” to the indescribably wonderful neighbors. They took a picture together to preserve the memory, because that’s what they’ve always done.

They hugged, and she cried. They got in their trucks headed to different destinations and promised to meet for beers soon.

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