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The human experience is defined by our relationships with others. A necessary and normal part of that experience is relationships that end. Not just romantic relationships; sometimes friendships, business partnerships, even relationships between family members come to an end. This experience is often treated as “failure,” although my theory is that some relationships naturally run their course and come to a necessary transition point.

I’m interested in embarking on a project to observe this phenomenon. To that end, I’m looking to collect as many stories about relationships that have ended as possible. If you have one to share, please consider doing so here. Again, I’m interested in all forms of relationships: romantic, friends, family, parents, children, neighbors, employers, employees, business partners. I’m interested to hear if you made the decision to end the relationship or if you were blindsided by the decision of someone else. Did you make the decision together? Was it preplanned or impulsive? What did you learn? What do you regret? The more detail the better.

I don’t know what the end result of this data collection will be, but please understand I may publish these stories in some form. My goal is to create a resource to help others going through this process; to collect lessons learned that may help minimize the trauma for someone else in the future. I will keep all personal details private to the best of my ability, so please do feel welcome to share openly.

Please use the form on this site to submit a story, or email me directly at

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