The hard things

It’s going to be okay.

The hard thing you fear, it’s not going to be so bad. The heavy panicky feeling that has all but displaced the air in your chest will pass. The sticky thick dread that clings to the back of your skull won’t last. You’ll feel the last punch of adrenaline right before you do the thing, but on the other side will be a businesslike lightness and sense of relief.

This is true pretty well regardless of what hard thing you’re dreading. The dreading of the thing is the hard thing. Even if the thing seems really, really hard. Taking the first step will make you understand that it’s survivable.

I’m here to tell you, it really is going to be okay. Quit the job if that’s the right call for you. End the relationship if that’s what you need. Have the tough conversation, fire the employee, break the lease, move across the country. You already know what you need to do, don’t you? It’s the doing that you’re struggling with.

You’ll take the first step and then second step will reveal itself to you. There might be a third and a fourth step. This may become a series of hard things you have to do, but that’s okay because now you’re used to doing. You survived the first thing, you have experience. You know what it takes and that you can do it.

For now, all you have to do is the thing you know needs to be done.

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