Timing is everything

Or is it?

I’ve used timing as an excuse for inaction, to justify feeling stressed, to not be happy in the moment. I’ve used this thought template over and over and over:

“As soon as ________ happens then I’ll _______.”

This is a problem for a couple of reasons. First, there’s always something new and difficult waiting on the other side of that first blank. The hard things in life are never followed by a runway of calm and uneventful time. They are usually followed by more hard things. I’m learning you have to deal with the hard things while still living and moving forward. I’m also learning to keep perspective on the hard things. I’ve learned the worst moments in my life have all been survivable and I’m grateful for all the valuable lessons I’ve learned.

Second, taking action at the “wrong” time can create rad and unexpected results. Some of what turned out to be the best decisions in my life seemed real questionable at the time. I’ve never regretted quitting a job without another one lined up or breaking a lease without another place to go. Necessity is the mother of innovation, even when it’s self-imposed necessity.

If there’s something to be done, I’m convinced the time will never be “right.” The reasons will change, but you’ll never find that wide-open runway. So if there’s something to be done, the time is probably now, don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “Timing is everything

  1. Jim Hawley

    Reminds me of what you hear over and over about stocks; don’t try to time the market. Slow and steady investment over time is the best way to build wealth. Same is true for everything else in life. For example, writing every day…..

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